AmV94-on: New Bike Buyers’ Guide

Andy H American-V Leave a Comment

Yes, we’ve brought back the New Bike Buyers’ Guide from this issue to help tiptoe through the current model range and any changes that are going to be coming through over the next few years, because it’s increasingly difficult to keep track of them all and there they fit in the food chain.

One list, arranged by price, with Harley-Davidson and Indian identified by colour … and the pictures of their bikes, of course, with a simple spec and a brief USP – well, we had to be brief with something!

Yes, these pages do look short: I discovered that I haven’t got the final pages with the ads on the bottom, and the shorter page looks less silly than an array of boxes of various sizes.


If you haven’t got a copy yet, it’s still on the newsagents shelves.

Or you can save yourself some shoe leather by ordering it from the on-line shop: just click on the cover, to the left.

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